William Kerr (EN)

Gallery XIV37 Thayer Street, Boston, MA  02118 
Presents: Sound in Silence
An exhibition featuring thoughtful and meditative artworks by:
Marilyn Ivy   Ft. Worth, TX

Ursula Goeb   Berlin, Germany
Paul Reidl   Boston, MA

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Press Preview and Private Reception: 
Thursday, November 1st 6:00pm
Artist Reception: 
Friday, November 2nd – from 5 – 8pm

Sound in Silence presents artworks by 3 mid-career artists who mark their Boston with recent works that are distinct in style, yet complimentary in spirit and feel.  The artworks will transform the gallery into a visually orchestral, yet meditative space where personal narratives and moments of contemplation can be found.  All three artists will be present on November 1st and 2nd. 

Marilyn Ivy was born in Fort Worth, Texas where she presently lives, teaches art at Texas Christian University, and maintains her painting studio.  She received her MFA in Painting from Texas Woman’s University, is listed in Who’s Who among American Women, and was awarded a Fullbright award to travel and study art in Japan in 2002.   Ivy’s paintings investigate the profundity and grace found in grand space, and also in small moments that are meditative, serene and quiet.   Her works can be experienced physically and emotionally and aspire to “transport the viewer to a remote place, precipitous mountain, or spiritual plane.”

Ursula Goeb was born in Coburg, Germany and worked professionally as a Photographer and drawer in zoological studies at Study Free Academy of Art in Berlin.  She has been working as a free artist, living and working in Berlin since 1992.   Goeb's works on paper attain a high level of abstraction while articulating concepts of transformation and metamorphosis that remain visible in the work and present in the perceptions of its viewers.  The secret, mysterious forces in Goeb's ‘Insect series’ induce a state of suspension which, upon apprehension, truly inspires the imagination of the viewer.

Paul Riedl, born in Boston, was a frequent young visitor to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where he was particularly moved by the Asian collection.  These artworks inspired his academic course of study in Japanese Arts and Language at the University of Hawaii and led to subsequent residencies in Japan and Iran.  The visual aesthetic of both near and far east is inherent in his artworks, yet Riedl’s artistic method speaks more from his years working as master restorer of antiques and objects of art.  True to his craft, Riedl constructs all of his forms, works gesso like an alchemist, and practices art as a mystic – and as his form of meditation.   
The Gallery XIV “Library will feature artworks by two artists scheduled to exhibit in the 2008 season.  Tristan Govignon will display Sculptures and Narda Boughton will show Paintings and Drawings.
Doc/Installation film artists Robert and Yvonne Marra Lamothe will document the art salon in both film and sound while projecting live event footage inside the gallery to produce a self-conscious art space.

Media partner:  ArtsEditor.com – independent arts reporting, reviewing, and relevant discourse. Preview/Opening Reception cuisine provided by: The Red Fez

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