Dr. Melanie Franke: press release (EN)

Metamorphosis is considered to be the ability to transform. In his picture, the artist Jan Fabre was able to convert a plain insect into a "creature of the heavens". According to the surrealist André Breton, the picture "unfolds into priceless material". The artist Willi Baumeister went one step further, and saw it as the possibility of creating "miracles".

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Ursual Goeb, a Berlin-based artist, uses the transformation characteristics of drawn lines in order to visualize insects and the metamorphosis of insects. The subject of perception and the technique of expression fuse into one another. At times, the meticulous examinations of the explicitly detailed cocoon or insect legs are aligned with each other. Other times, the drawing hand is able to precisely depict the compliable creature and its movements.

Ursula Goeb draws in a non-objective manner, which is in step with her sense for movement and rhythm. She isn't interested in copying forms or description, but rather in expressing Nature and the true spirit of creatures: animals and landscapes arise from the sweeping lines of uninhibited and sensitive flows, which trace the creature's conditions. Compressions and relations develop in several layers: objects and figures begin to appear. If everything is presented in dark lighting, the speed and pace of the lines clearly emerge. Nothing about these pictures appears static, solid or still. Everything flows, panta rhei.

Translation Dr. Catherine Nichols, April 2006

Press Release Deutsche Bank
Exhibition Ursula Goeb New works on paper 2005/2006
April 4th 2006 - June 15th
Deutsche Bank, Unter den Linden 13-15 10117 Berlin

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